Classic car rental for events and commercials.

Vintage luxury cars for events, competitions, television commercials and advertisement.

Our vast collection of classic cars allows us to provide our customers with a car rental service for events and commercials able to suit every possible need and request. We have a long history of renting luxury vintage cars to advertising agencies, thus allowing them to produce television commercials and photo shoots for newspapers.
We have had the honour and the luck to be partners with renowned brands from the food and cosmetic industry.

Choose your car from our collection of Porsche, Jaguar, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls Royce and more. All of our cars are perfect both aesthetic and mechanic wise, they all have been restored keeping the fidelity to the original our top priority.
Moreover, we provide a wide range of optional services so you do not have to worry about anything, having your car delivered by a tow truck, being accompanied and supported by a member of our staff throughout the rental period are just some of the examples.


Car rental for promotional events

If you are planning a promotional event and you are in need of one or more luxury classic cars, HPE Classics is the best choice for you.
We are a company that has been operating in the car rental sector for many years, structured in such a fashion to provide our customers with a complete service.
All of our vintage cars are in impeccable conditions, fully restored or preserved to perfection as they regularly undergo checks, service and maintenance.

Car rental for television commercial and advertisement

Our cars are available for advertising services and television footage production. Thanks to our passion and expertise, our cars will become protagonists by your side on the stage. We are endowed with a wide car collection of rare beauty, regularly subjected to aesthetic and mechanic maintenance. Due to our vast experience with cars and rental services we have repeatedly been featured in commercials and services of various nature. We can deliver your car of choice straight to you and follow you throughout the entirety of the rental service. Making your experience a unique one will be your only preoccupation, because we will take care of all of the rest.


Car rental service for Mille Miglia and regularity rally

Our cars are available for rent to participate in regularity rally, rally races and events of historic interest. Our selection also includes some cars eligible to compete in Mille Miglia, one of the oldest and most historic races in the world.
We offer our clients a full rental service: all you have to worry about is enjoying the adrenaline rush and excitement to sit behind the wheel of a vintage car.
Upon request, it is possible to have the car deliver to you as well as being provided with mechanical assistance during the race.


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