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Jaguar XK-150 OTS

The XK150 was a luxury sports car produced by Jaguar between 1957 and 1961. Initially it was available in two versions, as a Coupé and a convertible. The first was known with the acronym FHC (Fixed Head Coupé), while the second was DHC (Drop Head Coupé). The roadster version (OTS, Open Two Seats) was launched in 1958. The XK1520 belonged to the family of cars that included the XK120 and the XK140. Because of this it is quite similar to the other models, even though it went through a strong modernization process. A panoramic windscreen manufactures in one piece replaced the the two piece wind-shield. The hood, opening up to the fenders, was expanded, and the bulkhead between the passenger compartment and the engine compartment was set back 4 inches to stretch the hood itself. The front was redesigned and made more sloped and aerodynamic. The engine was fitted as a six-cylinder dual overhead cam head from 3,442 cc engine dis-placement, with 193 horsepower. They first came with 205 mm Dunlop disk brakes on all four wheels.

Rent a Jaguar XK-150 OTS for a tour on Lake Como, Venice or Tuscany. Or to admire the wonders of the French Riviera, passing through Nice and Montecarlo.

Jaguar XK-150 OTSJaguar XK-150 OTSJaguar XK-150 OTSJaguar XK-150 OTSJaguar XK-150 OTSJaguar XK-150 OTS
Jaguar XK-150 OTS
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Technical details Jaguar XK-150 OTS

Year 1959
Seats 2
Body Spider
Drive side left
External color blu cotswold
Interiors black leather
Engine 3400 CC 6 cylinders
Gearbox manual 4 gears

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