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Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider

The Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider is one of the most notable cars produced by Casa Milanese, produced from 1966 to 1933. In the last series of 1990, Pininfarina returned to the basics, creating a clean and sleek model achieved by eliminating the appendices that weighed down the model. With the removal of the spoiler, the look became more streamlined and very attractive. The bumpers are integrated, and more built-in to the body. It is also the same color as the rest of the body. The mark on the front label is revisited and is on the front of the bumper. The side skirts are replaced with cover rails. The new electronically adjustable wing mirrors and the rear lights are redesigned in the style of the then famous 164. The 2000 cm³ engine is equipped with electronic injection and phase shifters, which vary the valve timing. Both the maximum torque, and the power are reduced. Performance is, with stopwatch in hand, less that those of the old 2 -liter carburetor. Go back to the origins with the 1.6 liter carburetor, that with the new regulations has the same power as the Alfa 75, ie 109 CV DIN. The upholstery comes in black or in beige made of suede material. The seats can be pulled back a few centimeters and it has power steering. The “fourth series” was produced and sold in 18,456 copies in three versions: 1600 with carburetors, 2000 i.e. and 2000 i.e. catalyzed; each offered with the option of having the hard-top, un-changed since the “third series”, as an accessory. In 1990, classic colors like “Alpha Red”, “Black”, “Metallized Grey”, and “White” where initially proposed. Since 1991 the color range was extended to include the additions of “Proteus Red Metallic” and of “English Green”. All of these colors had a beige interior. In 1992 “Ginestra Yellow” with a black interior was proposed. The possibility of having the interior completely in red leather with the “Black” or the “White” was also offered.

Rent a Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider for a tour on Lake Como, Venice or Tuscany. Or to admire the wonders of the French Riviera, passing through Nice and Montecarlo.

Alfa Romeo Duetto SpiderAlfa Romeo Duetto SpiderAlfa Romeo Duetto SpiderAlfa Romeo Duetto SpiderAlfa Romeo Duetto SpiderAlfa Romeo Duetto SpiderAlfa Romeo Duetto SpiderAlfa Romeo Duetto SpiderAlfa Romeo Duetto SpiderAlfa Romeo Duetto SpiderAlfa Romeo Duetto Spider
Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider
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Technical details Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider

Year 1982
Seats 2
Body Spider
Drive side left
External color yellow
Interiors black
Engine 2000 CC 128 CV
Gearbox manual 5 gears

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