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Ape Piaggio Calessino

Produced in 2007 with only 999 units, the Ape Piaggio Calessino incorporates the classic design of the 60s. The term ‘calessino’ comes from the appearance of the first unit that was built, which looked like a fusion of a normal Vespa with a two wheeled sofa with wood finishes and white awning bellows. Its small size made it the ideal vehicle to travel in the small roads of old villages, which often had narrow and steep roads. It thus became the absolute symbol of the Italian ‘dolce vita’, famous along the rivers of Liguria and Tuscany, as well as the Amalfi Cost.
The Ape is recommended for short scenic journeys that have cross narrow streets and steep climbs and descents. You have the possibility of transport to the place of departure by Wrecker.
Rent a Ape Piaggio Calessino for a tour on Lake Como, Venice or Tuscany. Or to admire the wonders of the French Riviera, passing through Nice and Montecarlo.

Ape Piaggio CalessinoApe Piaggio CalessinoApe Piaggio CalessinoApe Piaggio CalessinoApe Piaggio CalessinoApe Piaggio CalessinoApe Piaggio Calessino
Ape Piaggio Calessino
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Technical details Ape Piaggio Calessino

Year 2008
Seats 4
Body Cabriolet
Drive side central
External color blue and white
Interiors pelle bianca con rifiniture blu
Gearbox 4 gears

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