Rent Ford Mustang cabriolet

The power of a muscle car combined with the pleasure of a cabriolet...

Ford Mustang cabriolet

The Ford Mustang is one of the first American muscle cars. It has marked the history of world-wide motoring, and has been one best-selling products, so much so that it is still in production. The first model was introduced in 1964 in New York and it was clear right away that this car was destined to leave its mark in history. The base model the Mustang was designed around was the Falcon. Many technical details, however, were reviewed and improved, such as the introduction of the frame Torque Box, an innovative system that allowed to increase the stability and maneuverabil-ity of the car while reducing the production costs. The 1967 model was the first to undergo radical design improvements, with the introduction of a big 4.7 liter block V8 engine.

Rent a Ford Mustang cabriolet for a tour on Lake Como, Venice or Tuscany. Or to admire the wonders of the French Riviera, passing through Nice and Montecarlo.

Ford Mustang cabrioletFord Mustang cabrioletFord Mustang cabrioletFord Mustang cabrioletFord Mustang cabrioletFord Mustang cabriolet
Ford Mustang cabriolet
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Technical details Ford Mustang cabriolet

Year 1967
Seats 4
Body Cabriolet
Drive side left
External color red
Interiors beige
Engine 4700 CC V8 210 CV
Gearbox manual 3 gears

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