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The icon of the Italian economic boom ..

Fiat 600

The Fiat 600 is a car produced by the Turin car manufacturer between 1955 and 1969. It was presented in Geneva in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni.
The goal of the Turin-based company was to produce a popular car given the economic boom that was taking place in Italy in those years. The car had an extraordinary success, so much so that only a few months after putting into production the wait for the delivery of the new cars exceeded one year. Its success was determined by its competitive price, good standard equipment and excellent driveability.

The car has two doors and despite its small size it can accommodate up to 4 people. It is powered by a 663 CC engine capable of developing a maximum power of 21.5 HP reaching a speed of 95 km/h.

Rent a Fiat 600 for a tour on Lake Como, Venice or Tuscany. Or to admire the wonders of the French Riviera, passing through Nice and Montecarlo.

Fiat 600Fiat 600Fiat 600
Fiat 600
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Technical details Fiat 600

Year 1960
Seats 4
Body Coupe
Drive side left
External color Beige
Interiors Beige
Engine 633 CC 21 CV
Gearbox Manual 4 gears

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