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Mercedes 280 SL

The production version of the 280 SL began in 1974 and was produced in 25,000 units. The Mercedes SL series R107 had a daunting task: to replace the greatly appreciated SL Pa-goda model. Although its predecessor still sells well, to assert its indisputable technical supremacy, Stuttgart realized the need for a new model, which would have to be more advanced in terms of drivability. The Pagoda, like all 60’s Mercedes became extremely difficult to drive on a wet or damp track because of the rear axle control arms with central clearing shock. The W107 project, from which would be born both the roadster R107 and the C107 coupe (SLC) is launched in November 1967. The new roadster was expected to do better than the Pagoda, both universally and, in particular, in the US market, where the Pagoda was received very well. The new US regulations regarding road safety at the time of the W107 project were starting to be enforced and were one of the reasons for the realization of a new roadster. To improve the drivability a relatively long wheelbase was implemented. despite not having the aesthetic appeal of the model that preceded it, the modern and square lines were well liked and the car became highly successful. During the car’s long career it did not go though any significant cosmetic changes, but it was kept up to date from a technical point of view. In 1974, following the oil crisis of the period, the 280 SL was introduced, equipped with DOHC M110 from 2.8 liters capable of delivering 185HP. In the second half of the seventies, a gradual transition from mechanical to electronic injection began, and in 1976 the 280SL followed suit.

Rent a Mercedes 280 SL for a tour on Lake Como, Venice or Tuscany. Or to admire the wonders of the French Riviera, passing through Nice and Montecarlo.

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Mercedes 280 SL
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Technical details Mercedes 280 SL

Year 1977
Seats 2
Body Cabriolet
Drive side left
External color light blue
Interiors blue
Engine 2800 CC 185 CV
Gearbox automatic 4 gears

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